Home Birth Testimonials

Baby August


"Our experiences with Jenny have been excellent. She attended the birth of my son over ten years ago as a student. When we found out we were expecting our 2nd child Jenny was at the top of my list of interviews. After the first consult we knew she was (still) the best fit for our family.  She had the same love and warmth that we felt before. Jenny is full of knowledge and education. She empowered us to make decisions about our birth/baby and encouraged informed consent. We had a beautiful home birth thanks to Jenny, Amy, and Kathleen. If you are in search of a home birth midwife Jenny is cream of the crop!"


Baby Daphne


Our pregnancy and birth experience with Jenny could not have been better. She is fiercely researched and educated. She trusts you and your body which in turn allows you to trust her. She will give you ALL of your options without her opinion or judgement. Her patience, flexibility and availability during prenatals, birth, and postpartum were deeply comforting. I never felt rushed or like I was just a number or task. I felt secure within her care and I don’t believe there is anything more important than that.


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Baby Theo


"Jenny was the best gift to our family! It was my 2nd birth and my husband’s 1st. He was very unsure about a home birth, but with Jenny’s knowledge he was put to ease. I was able to natural deliver a 11.6 lb baby boy in my own house. The experience was peaceful and more special than I had imagined. Jenny continues to check in and come to your house weeks after the birth.
The first time you meet her, you’ll see her passion and love for others. I honestly say I had no problem putting all my trust into her and her team. Thank you Jenny!"


Baby Phillip


"Not enough words can describe how amazing Jenny is. She is so smart and continues to educate herself to better help people too! We are so grateful to have her in our lives! If it wasn't for her, we would of had a completely different birth experience and not in a good way! I had no idea I even had other options for my birth! Even though I did end up going into the hospital (maternal exhaustion) she was with us for support and gave us the advice we needed to stay strong. When she went home herself to rest, she was only a phone call away and I swear it only rang once before she answered. She gave me my voice and gave me the confidence to ask questions and ask why nurses/doctors were doing the things they were doing when most of the things were unnecessary. I felt strong to say no! Jenny is perfect. The world needs more people like her in it! She will absolutely be at our next birth! Hopefully soon!"  😆😘~Britanny 

Baby Harsen


"Its Your Birth",  the name of Jenny's Midwifery services describes it all and is the perfect representation of how she  provides care for her patients. She is nothing short of extraordinary. After several "disagreements" about my prenatal care with my current OBGYN, and taking a hypnobirthing class,  I decided to reach out to Jenny about the possibility of doing a home birth. She was kind and warm and made me feel supported in my birth plan. She was also nonjudgmental with any of my wishes (which was refreshing) and informed me with facts pros and cons. After my one on one meeting with her I decided to hire her as my midwife, just 4 weeks before my due date! I was so glad that I did. She allowed me to have exactly what I wanted for my birth (a calm atmosphere, supportive of my decisions, water birth, and a natural welcoming of my baby earthside). Her followup care makes you feel comforted and at peace that you are doing everything right (especially with your 1st born!) I can't thank her enough for her understanding, attention to detail, recommendations and passion for her profession. She truly was a blessing to our now family of three, and anyone would be lucky to have her as their midwife."



Baby Leeaire


"If you are on the fence about hiring Jenny as your Midwife, we hope this review will help you make a decision. Jenny, as well as her delivery team, are nothing short of amazing. From pregnancy to postpartum, Jenny demonstrated consistency and professionalism.  

Throughout the pregnancy, she was patient, non-judgmental, knowledgeable and demonstrated excellence around informed consent. Each time we left her office, we felt more informed about our rights and choices as parents and about childbirth.  

Fast forward to delivery day...Jenny was prompt, calm and responsive. Her team made it to our house in a timely fashion and they all exuded confidence, patience and unwavering support. We were beyond impressed and continued to thank them for their care.

Jenny is a phenomenal woman with a beautiful soul and genuine spirit. Her level of care is top-notch and there is not a better person the universe could have sent us to deliver our baby! We hired her to be our Midwife to ensure a safe and peaceful birth; in return, what we received was priceless. Her knowledge and expertise changed our lives and she will certainly be our Midwife for any future deliveries. Without reservation, we highly recommend her as a competent and caring professional to deliver your baby!  

Don't hesitate, hire her...you won't regret it."  

-Tara & Lee

Baby Eliza


"Jenny was one of a kind. Easy to talk to, super knowledgeable and she left us with a desire to do more research into questions we had instead of simply giving us her opinion. The prenatal care was very personable and the post par-tum care was unmatched by any other modern practice. We were sold on the first consultation and she will be our midwife for as many children that we are destined to have."


Baby Cyr


"When my husband and I found out we were pregnant at 5 weeks we knew right off the bat we wanted a home birth and we wanted a qualified midwife. We found Jenny! We met for a free consultation/first meeting and we instantly fell in love with her. Over the next nine months Jenny was amazing; she was supportive, informative, compassionate and most importantly 

professional. I ended up having pre eclampsia at the very end of my pregnancy and she strongly encouraged us to go to Henry Ford WestBloomfield to give birth because we were no longer considered a risk free pregnancy. But she was still with us through it all. It wasn’t the birth we had hoped for nevertheless she supported us every step of the way and then some. Even though we couldn’t end up having our home birth she was still our midwife, she still attended our birth at the hospital, gave us advice during the birth when we asked it, visited us post birth in the hospital, and she came to our house post birth for our postpartum check ups. Her holistic knowledge is astounding and if she doesn’t know something she’s not afraid to seek out other professional help and do the research to learn more. My husband and I truly love Jenny, we trust her with the most precious life in our lives; our baby. Having Jenny Zaner as our midwife was the best choice my husband and I made and we will be planning to use her midwifery services for our next pregnancy and birth."


Baby Beau


"We just gave birth to our fourth child in our home with Jenny as our midwife. I had our first three children in the hospital with an ob/gyn and I knew this time around I wanted something different. I wanted to be in control yet supported in my own home surrounded by calmness, comfort and love. Jenny and her team brought so much calmness and security into my home while empowering me to do what I was made to do! Besides her wonderful support during birth, her prenatal and postnatal care is like nothing I’ve had before. Jenny goes above and beyond and is very thorough. Having her visit the weeks after birth made all the difference in my physical recovery and mental well being. The whole experience was truly amazing. I’m so very grateful for Jenny and her devotion to women, mothers and midwifery."


Baby Elon


 "My husband and I are so grateful to have had Jenny as our midwife throughout our pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience. From the first time we spoke on the phone I knew I wanted her to be our provider. Her knowledge of and passion for birth and babies made it very easy to be comfortable around her. All of our appointments were very thorough, and I always felt I could reach out to her with any questions/fears/concerns. Being able to build a relationship of trust with my provider was very important to me, and Jenny made that easy from the start. 

     Although our birth did not go as planned, I know Jenny and her team did everything they could and exhausted every resource while keeping baby and I healthy before transfer to the hospital. Our transfer was swift and non emergent, and I was so grateful Jenny was able to be with us at the hospital and help us navigate our remaining options. That really allowed me to still feel empowered by the experience even though plans had changed. I felt so supported by Jenny and the team, I knew everything would be okay. Although our son did have to arrive via C-section due to malpresentation, the OB did say I would be a good candidate for a VBAC- and we would absolutely choose Jenny as our midwife next time if baby and I remained low risk. I am so thankful for our whole experience and would absolutely recommend Jenny to any of my friends/family exploring out of hospital birth." 


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Baby Devin


"Jenny, our midwife, was absolutely wonderful to have during my entire labor and delivery. She’s trained as a home birth midwife but when I went into labor at 36 weeks and wasn’t eligible for my home birth, she gave the best advice to head to Henry Ford as a backup and natural option. I could not have imagined NOT having her in the room with us for the entire process. Her constant reminders that I was doing amazing and that my body was doing exactly what it was supposed to do was JUST what I needed to hear in those hard moments. I am so grateful we chose her to be such a huge part of bringing Devin into the world."

~ Amanda

Baby Javan


"I will be forever grateful to Jenny for helping to provide me with what I will always remember as one of the most empowering experiences of my life.  She is an amazing midwife and provided invaluable information throughout my pregnancy, birth and postpartum periods.  I greatly appreciated the unbiased and thorough information she provided to help me make the best decisions for me and my baby throughout the last 10 months.  She taught me so many new things and made subjects, which could have easily been overwhelming, super easy to understand.  The encouragement from her – and her team – during the birth was fantastic.  They added to the peaceful environment, exactly as my birth plan laid out, that allowed me to have the best birth possible.  Her attention to both me and my baby since the birth has also been exceptional.  I will miss her being a part of our lives after the 6 week mark and that alone says a ton about the type of person she is, and the phenomenal service(s) she provides."


Baby Isabella


 "Jenny is the best! She is knowledgeable and truly caring. Her prenatal care is comprehensive and respectful, her post partum care is well beyond any at a hospital or doctor. She and her team were absolutely amazing at the birth itself. I felt cared for like I was a queen and empowered like I was a superhero! Jenny is a fountain of natural knowledge and so encouraging. She taught me so much about my body and it's abilities to grow and birth a new human being. I will always recommend her!"

~ Liz 

Baby Jacob


 "It is possible to feel empowered while having a hospital birth and Jenny helped with that tremendously!  I knew I would be delivering at a hospital due to some complications; and prior to meeting Jenny, I was uninformed and terrified of birth. Tim and I decided to hire Jenny as our birth doula and she presented us with her wealth of knowledge and numerous resources so that we could be informed consumers throughout pregnancy and labor/delivery.  She was there to answer every question we had along the way. She supported Tim while I was in labor, and she was there to encourage me while I delivered Jacob. Within minutes of his birth, Jenny helped Jacob establish a proper latch for breastfeeding and we have had a successful breastfeeding relationship ever since!  We also hired her to be our post-partum midwife and we are so thankful we did.  After we had been discharged from the hospital, she recognized some health issues in both Jacob and I that needed medical attention, and without her checking on us our situation could have been much worse. We felt truly supported, confident, and at ease knowing we had an expert on our birth team and we would highly recommend her to anyone!"

~Jackie and Tim

Baby Isabel


"On June 9th, I was lucky enough to have Jenny as part of my birth team! She was so supportive and helpful throughout my labor, giving encouraging words and even holding my hand as I braved the waves of pain that would soon bring my baby to me! Thank you for not letting me give up!"


Baby Josephine


"We will be better parents because of what we learned from Jenny. Neither myself or my wife knew much about home birth, or birth in general, until we took Jenny's class last fall. We watched every video and read every book until we knew as much as we thought we needed to on the subject. We learned enough, we thought, that we opted for a home birth — for several reasons.Jenny as a teacher, and person, is so thoughtful and so knowledgeable and passionate about the subject that she makes you feel at ease about the entire process. We were perfectly comfortable with having our child in our home after all of the knowledge we gained from Jenny. We established a birthing plan, and set up a contingency plan in case transport to a hospital was deemed necessary. Those were the most important things to us. We wanted to have our child in a serene environment, and Jenny assured us that would happen.The entire process didn't go as we would have liked — we ended up having our daughter, Josephine Evelyn Norma Davis, at Troy Beaumont Hospital due to some complications. Jenny remained by our side every step of the way — from bringing us food 15 hours before Josephine was born, to helping Lisa with the first latch for Josephine's first feeding. The hospital did honor the majority of our birthing plan, and Jenny was available for any questions we had.We highly recommended Jenny for anyone who wants to have a home birth, or anyone who'd like a skilled, passionate midwife present on the road to child birth."  

~Lisa and Jay  

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Baby Silvana


"This is what a home birth should be!  My husband and I had a vision for what we wanted our 3rd child’s birth to be like, and our midwife Jenny brought it together perfectly.  We could not be happier for choosing to put our trust in Jenny and had a beautiful experience. Jenny is so caring, sincere, and professional that she put us at ease right away. She takes her job very seriously and is so good at it.  We loved the home visits for prenatal and post-natal care and enjoyed just relaxing, having a cup of tea with her and talking about life. Jenny is very knowledgeable and would readily research any question she did not already have the answer to.  Our visits with her made us more confident and secure going into the birth.  I suspect most expectant mothers contemplating a home birth are looking for the strength, encouragement, and confidence needed for an amazing delivery experience and Jenny gave me all of those. I especially liked how Jenny gave me access to all my records and progress through her midwifery portal. I could look up FAQ, print forms, or update my file remotely…a great use of modern tools.  This new, tech-savvy way of record keeping is the future of midwifery and Jenny is already with it.Our daughter Silvana’s birth was calm and beautiful and we thank Jenny for that.  We trust her completely and absolutely love her.  We will definately will be hiring Jenny again for our next birth. Thank you Jenny!"

~Eryn and Mark 

Baby Gavin


"We knew from the minute we met Jenny that she was the midwife for us. We chose home birth for many reasons but one was so we could have a relationship with the person who would be assisting us with bringing our child earthside-Jenny was very supportive and provided outstanding, personalized care. We felt very prepared for labor and delivery and as a result have such an amazing birth story. Post-natal care was also outstanding-we struggled with breastfeeding and the support we received from Jenny surpassed our expectations and we can't help but think it's related to the fact that we are still breastfeeding 2.5 years later!"


Baby Jesse


"Jenny and her team were absolutely wonderful. We used a different midwife for each of our three births and Jenny was by far our favorite. She was a wealth of knowledge, a compassionate listener, incredibly competent, thoughtful, thorough, and a joy to be around. She was incredibly respectful of our family and our choices, and did an excellent job providing us with any research or information we needed to guide us through some of the hard decisions every parent has to make. We looked forward to every visit we had together. She is truly gifted as a midwife and we wholeheartedly recommend her."
~Rachel and Brandon  

Baby Emelia


"We chose to have a home birth with our second child. After interviewing many midwives, we found Jenny. She was able to provide me with not only the option of an autonomous choice on how and where to birth my baby, but created an amazing start to a journey we will cherish forever. Through out my pregnancy with Emilia, I was provided unbiased informative guidance, and unconditional support from Jenny. Thank you, Jenny, for helping us create such a beautiful birthing experience!"

~Sarah and Chad

Nate Hoef


  "After an uneducated hospital experience in 2009 with our first son, my husband and I knew that we wanted a different experience, a better experience with our second. I didn’t have a horrific or traumatic delivery with my first born; I just wanted a natural birth with more control and a less invasive medical staff. Enter Jenny. My skeptical husband jumped onboard after our consultation.  Jenny eased all the uncertainties we (he) had and we eagerly began our home birth journey.I can’t brag about our experience enough. It was flawless. From the home visits to the birth of our second son, Jenny was wonderful.  She is well educated and brings years of experience with her.  Jenny truly wants the best experience for you and your baby and this is evident from the moment she becomes your midwife.What an amazing story I have. I was able to deliver my own baby safely in a birthing pool at home.  Nothing beats that. Nothing.  Jenny made this possible and we are forever grateful."

~Megan and Brandon 

Baby Jerome


"It is said that a midwife will witness many births during her career, but a mother will only have one particular experience with her child's birth. It is up to the midwife to make that experience the most memorable and positive for that mother as possible. These words summarize our great midwife, Jenny Zaner. 
Due to extenuating circumstances, my husband and I were unable to find a midwife until late in my pregnancy with our eigth child. After having searched in vain, we were recommended to Jenny through an acquaintance. We spoke with her and she agreed to meet with us to see if we were a good "fit."
From the moment we met Jenny, my husband and I were impressed by her knowledge and professionalism which permeated her midwifery practice. We were quite impressed by Jenny's knowledge in all of the various aspects of pregnancy/birth. Any questions which we had regarding pregnancy/birth, Jenny was thorough in answering. If she didn't have the answer or wanted to give us more information, Jenny didn't hesitate to consult with her conferrers in order to give us additional facts.
When "D day" finally arrived, Jenny was there every step of the way offering quiet and strong support. She was very respectful of our "space" and gave my husband, children, and I ample time to meet the newest member of our family. It was a birthing experience I (we) will always treasure. 
Additionally, Jenny provided the most thorough postpartum care that I have ever received postpartum with eight children. She took extra time and care to ensure that baby was thriving and that I was adjusting to new motherhood as well. I was saddened when our visits were over as she was so refreshing to be around with her contagious enthusiasm for birth and all things related to it. 
In closing, my husband and I cannot begin to express our deep gratitude to Jenny for her superb care and highly recommend her to anyone seeking superb midwifery care."


Baby Colin


"My husband and I first met Jenny when we attended her 12-week Bradley Birth class, in preparation for the birth of our first son.  I felt very connected to Jenny after the first class – I subscribed to her way of thinking, enjoyed the manner in which she interacted with her students, and found her to be knowledgeable, convicted and yet humble.

After an in-hospital birth at an alternative care unit for my first son, I knew that I would plan for a home birth if I became pregnant again. When I found that I was expecting my second child, I knew immediately that I wanted Jenny to attend my birth, in my home. My husband and I talked things over for a few weeks, and he agreed. When we had an initial consult with Jenny, in our home, she encouraged me to interview other midwives as well, to ensure that we made an informed and appropriate choice for our family. I love the way she is always so open-minded and focused on what’s best for the expectant mother, baby, and family. Ultimately, we chose Jenny, as I knew we would. I looked forward to every prenatal visit with Jenny, as we both really enjoy talking “birth and babies.” She always answered my questions honestly, wasn’t afraid to acknowledge if she didn’t have an answer for a question, and always followed-up in a timely manner with information to satiate my interests/concerns. I really appreciated the way that she entrusted the ownership of our own birthing experience to us, and that she offered to be there in any capacity we may need.I went a few days past my “estimated due date,” and Jenny kindly replied to my anxious texts, always knowing what to say to relieve my anxiety, to refocus my energies inward and respect my baby and my body. She encouraged me to enjoy my final days as a family of three. My birth was beautiful and uneventful. Jenny and the rest of my birth team were absolutely wonderful.

Jenny offers, in my view, the very best balance of supportive and hands-off care. When my husband was away from the birthing pool, She was nearby and applied pressure to my hips per my request. And yet during my most tenuous moment, my husband relayed to Jenny that I wanted her to tell me what to do to get comfortable. Jenny quietly replied, “Listen to your body, Mel.” I was greatly displeased at the time, but after another uncomfortable contraction repositioned myself to comfort. After the fact, I was grateful that she trusted me, respected my body, and empowered me to do the same. 

 Settling in after the birth was euphoric. I adored the way Jenny respected and handled both my brand new baby and myself.

I looked forward to each and every postpartum visit, knowing that I’d get to see Jenny and talk about the birth, my body and my sweet baby boy as much as I wished! I can’t articulate enough goodness about Jenny and the care and support she provided. If you’re considering having a home birth, I highly recommend scheduling a consult with Jenny – you won’t be disappointed!"

~Mel and Kevin

Birth Doula Testimonials

Baby Lorelei


   "In 2008, Steve and I were expecting our first child.  We were excited about our upcoming birth and after lots of research we decided that a natural birth was the best option for our family.  We decided to hire a doula.  After interviewing several we fell in love with Jenny and her passion for birth.  Jenny was very informative and respected all decisions we made in regards to our birth.  We had a wonderful birth in April of 2008 and couldn’t have asked for a better doula and now friend.In 2010, we were expecting our second child and knew that we wanted Jenny at the birth as our doula.  I went into labor at home and Jenny joined us for labor at our home until we decided it was time to go to the hospital.  We made it to the hospital with an hour to spare before our baby was born.  Once again, Jenny was there to support us and our birth choices. In 2012 we were expecting our third child and this time we wanted a homebirth.  After interviewing midwives and having a wonderful experience with Jenny in the past, we decided to hire her as our midwife.  Once again, this was the best experience and decision that we had made! Jenny is a wonderful, informational, passionate and  caring person with a beautiful soul!  Our family is blessed to have had her at all three of our births and would recommend her to our closest of friends."

~Connie and Steve

Baby Layla


"Jenny’s services as a doula were invaluable during my pregnancy. Her vast information armed us with insight. She helped us define our birthing experience. She empowered us with knowledge and gave me the courage to have a natural birth. Jenny met with us at length during my pregnancy, answered all of our questions, and provided resources and informative materials.  With her assistance, I drafted a birthing plan, dealt with hospital staff and anxious relatives. She prepared us for the best and worst case scenarios.  With Jenny, interventions during my labor were minimized; my voice was heard. I’m eagerly awaiting our next opportunity to hire Jenny as a midwife."   
~ Nichole  

Baby Cooper


  "Hiring a doula was the best thing we did for my pregnancy, and hiring Jenny was the best thing we've ever done! Jenny was great through out our whole pregnancy; her wealth of knowledge is absolutely amazing. Having her by my side while I was pushing our baby out was a true blessing. She was the calm in the storm. When things were getting out of control in labor and delivery she was able to keep me calm and let me know that I was okay and could have my baby on my own. We definitely plan on hiring Jenny for our next pregnancy - maybe by then she will have a different role in our pregnancy, that of the midwife!!! Thank you Jenny, we truly appreciate everything you did for us!!!" 
~Amanda and Paul 

Faye and Jenny


"After having a medicated labor and birth the first time around, I was determined to find out as much about labor and delivery that I could to have the natural birth that I wanted for my next child.  Three and a half years later, and now a Doula myself, I couldn't not have one for this delivery.  After interviewing a couple of Doulas, I knew Jenny was the right one for our family.  I felt like we had known each other for years after the initial interview.  Jenny will make sure that you know what is going on throughout your pregnancy and birth, and will be there to answer any and all questions along the way.  If I can convince my husband to have any more children in the future, Jenny would definitely be first pick to support us through the experience again.  Thank you so much Jenny for being there to enhance the outcome of my delivery.  Hope to see you again in a couple of years!"
~Faye, Mike, Elliot and baby Ethan   

Severine and Jenny


 "I am so happy that we chose Jenny as the doula for the birth of our daughter.  Jenny is a caring and knowledgeable advocate for the natural birth process.  She was there to assist us before, during and after the birth.  Having Jenny there really enhanced our birth experience."
~Severine and Brian

Baby "L"


 "Having Jenny as our doula was a wonderful experience!  The information she shared with us throughout the pregnancy and after the arrival of our daughter was immensely helpful.  She was available to share support and knowledge with us whenever we needed it. Having Jenny as a doula is something I would recommend to any family expecting a child!"
~J & C

It's Your Birth Class Testimonials

 "Before we took the Bradly class,  I knew a fair amount about the natural birthing process, but Jenny's class really made me think about my reasons for wanting a natural birth and what it would take to make it happen.  I truly believe that because I had the opportunity to really explore those reasons in her class, I was able to have an awesome un-medicated birth. I even learned what became my favorite labor position in her class!  Her open and direct style made both my husband and I feel comfortable.   I also really appreciated that Jenny was not judgmental of anyone's choices.  Although my husband and I decided to give birth in the hospital setting, Jenny was supportive and encouraging--offering tips on how to achieve the birth we wanted in an environment that is not always supportive of this type of labor and delivery."

~Mary and Andy 

"Jenny is a wonderful teacher. She presented information thoughtfully and passionately, and encouraged us to think critically without judgment. She made herself available, and was truly dedicated to helping us realize the birth experience we were seeking."

"I wish there 20 or even 100 stars
because Jenny Zaner deserves way more than 5 and way more than "the perfect score." 5 stars are for the people who did everything they were supposed to do and held fast to your expectations. Jenny goes above and beyond what she is supposed to do as a birth worker and educator. If her kindness, support and strength are not enough then her vast knowledge on everything birth will leave you in sheer awe. When Jenny is teaching, I make sure I'm comfortable bc I don't want to move for hours. I learn something from her every time we meet. She attended my first birth and can not wait for her strength and support with my next. I could write a novel on this leader who will change the birthing world (she really already has) but I think it's best to truly experience this visionary's expertise for yourself. Birth matters. Thank you for tirelessly educating for the empowerment of women."

~Dr. Melonie 

"Jenny is amazing! She is full of resources and every time I talk to her I am more amazed about all she brings to the table in the birth world. I didn't know Jenny when I was having my babies, but I wish I would have! She has taught me so much. Being a seasoned mom to three I wish I would have known all of the things I know now. This is why I'm so grateful for Jenny and think everyone woman expecting a baby should know her and connect with her. Jenny is such a compassionate person and WILL get you the answers and resources you deserve as you enter motherhood."



"Jenny is so, so knowledgeable and passionate about all things birth! My husband and I learned so much in her birthing class. She was part of an amazing team that helped give us the tools and confidence we needed to have a natural birth. I'm so grateful!  ❤️ "


"Jenny taught our childbirth education class and was absolutely amazing. She encouraged and empowered us to make the best possible decisions with our birth plan. Her guidance helped us to have the delivery we had hoped for and I couldn't have given birth naturally without it. I have now had three babies and owe so much to Jenny! I recommend her class to expecting mamas all the time and feel that educating yourself is so key to understanding your body and the changes it goes through during pregnancy and labor."


"Jenny was an AWESOME Bradley birthing teacher for us when we were expecting our first! She was very flexible with our schedule and did a great job educating and preparing us for the birth. I would refer Jenny with no hesitation!"

~Dr. Claudia 

"Jenny's birthing classes totally changed my perspective of what I thought birth was! I felt empowered and learned that I was in control of all aspects of my birth, and that I didn't have to just lay back and follow instructions... I HAD OPTIONS!! I loved the intimate, small class setting with only a handful of couples! While I did ultimately end up having a c-section instead of the natural birth I had hoped for, the class gave me (and my hubby) the knowledge and power needed to stick to our birth plan even though the hospital tried to push back! Thank you Jenny for all you taught us during our birthing class! It really opened our eyes to much more than just birth!  I recommend Jenny to every expectant momma I know! 


 "Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers ~ strong, competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength." ~ Barbara Katz Rothman