About Us

My name is Jenny Zaner.  I am a Direct Entry Midwife (DEM) who serves Southeast Michigan.  My story began in 2004 when I gave birth to our oldest son at home with the presence of a  midwife. I was able to catch my own baby peacefully, with love in a birthing tub. The birth of  my son was the birth of my new found passion. I was filled with excitement and a desire to  share all of the new information that I had learned.

 A few short years later, my professional journey into birth work began. I became a Birth Doula, taught private childbirth education classes, and started working my  way through a home birth midwifery apprenticeship. During my career as a midwife, I have  trained and worked with many different home birth midwives in Michigan. I am forever grateful for all of the midwives and mothers who have all taught me so much along the way.

Teaching is still a passion of mine. I now offer It's Your Birth childbirth education classes locally in Macomb, MI as well as teaching Live Online Classes. I personally wrote this curriculum and the classes are 6 weeks in  duration. 

 I believe and trust in birth as a normal physiological process in which both mother and baby are simultaneously working together. They are both share the birthing experience. I believe that care during this intimate time in a family's life should be tailored to their individual specific desires and needs. I  believe that every birth, regardless of location, should be a family centered birth. I look forward to working with you through your journey of pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. 

 Jenny currently sits on the Board of the Michigan Midwives Association. She is currently working towards obtaining a Certified Professional Midwifery (CPM) credential through the North American Registry of Midwives as an experienced midwife.

 "We have a secret in our culture, and it's not that birth is painful. It's that women are strong." 

~Laura Stavoe Harm